New Chef Added to JAL’s “Restaurant in the Sky” Program

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Guys, let’s face it. It’s Memorial Day Weekend. I want to give you news, you want to read something while the grill is heating up. Let’s grill two birds with one stone with an update on JAL’s Restaurant in the Sky series. Instead of rewriting the press release, I’m just going to post it because, well, I’m effin’ lazy. Cheers.

TOKYO:May 22, 2015
A New Star Chef Debuts in JAL’s Exclusive Restaurant in the Sky
~Western collaboration menu by Chef Yosuke Suga to be introduced in First Class~

Japan Airlines (JAL) has been introducing its unique in-flight meals on North America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia routes since January 2013, under the meal service concept of “SKY AUBERGE-JAL BEDD,” your exclusive restaurant in the sky.

JAL is delighted to welcome the world renowned Chef Yosuke Suga to board JAL’s dream team of star chefs from June 1, 2015.

We will continue to deliver a delectable and surprising dining experience in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere of JAL’s exclusive restaurant in the sky.


New Collaboration Menu with Chef Yosuke Suga

JAL will serve a new menu collaborated with Chef Yosuke Suga, who started as an assistant of French master chef Joël Robuchon, and then played a role as an executive chef at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Paris among others, now is an owner-chef of his culinary laboratory “SUGALABO (*1),” which he recently opened in April 2015 in Kamiya-cho, Tokyo. Setting “JAPAN” as a keyword, Chef Suga seeks the “Exquisite Taste” through Japanese culture, focusing on elements from ingredients and tableware to cookware. Starting June 1, 2015, the excellent cuisine produced by Chef Suga can be enjoyed in First class on select international flights of JAL departing from Tokyo.

(*1) “SUGALABO” is open only at dinner time. The restaurant becomes a culinary laboratory of research and development during the day-time to create his dishes through various attempts. Using as a laboratory, he creates his menus from the very beginning by feeling and selecting the finest ingredients with his own hands, and think of the ways how it can be more delightfully tasted.


Applicable routes:

Flights from Tokyo to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt, Paris and Jakarta(*2)

(*2)This new collaboration menu will be available on Jakarta route until June 30, 2015.

Contents of menu:

Amuse Bouche

-Hair crab with Fondant of Tomato & Avocado Cream

Hors-d’oeuvre (Choice)

-Caviar with Smooth Eggs Mimosa & Macedoine Salad

-Cold Braised Beef Cheek with Wasabi Flavored Carrot Purée & Consommé Gelée


                                      Cold Braised Beef Cheek with Wasabi Flavored Carrot Purée & Consommé Gelée

-Half-grilled Tuna & Summer Vegetables in Escabeche Style

Main Dish (Choice)

-“Kuroge Wagyu” Beef Fillet spread with Shallot Confit, Grilled “Manganji” Pepper

-Grilled Flavorful “Shamo-rock” Chicken Thigh with Moroccan Spiced Eggplant

-Lobster & Artichoke Barigoule accompanied by Truffle


Lobster & Artichoke Barigoule accompanied by Truffle


-Coupe of Coconut & Tropical Fruit with Herb Sorbet & Chartreuse Sabayon

~ Upon Request ~

-Moistly Baked Vanilla Pound Cake accompanied by Japanese “Houshouju Lemon” Confiture

<Profile of Chef Yosuke Suga>

Yosuke Suga (SUGALABO)

Yosuke Suga was born in 1976 in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Influenced by his father’s French restaurant, he had been interested in food and beverages. After graduation from high school, he traveled to Lyon to learn French with the aim of becoming a chef one day.

After returning to Japan, he gained experience in French cuisine at Hotel Seiyo Ginza, and his father’s French restaurant. He later traveled to France and began to work as assistant of Joël Robuchon. In April 2003, he returned to Japan and was appointed as Executive Chef of L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Roppongi, Tokyo when it was opened. He continued to open new restaurants in Las Vegas in September 2005, New York in August 2006, and Taipei in October 2009.

On the opening of L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Paris in November 2011, he was appointed as supervisor and then was promoted to be Executive Chef of Joël Robuchon in Paris. He returned to Japan in May 2014 and launched his own culinary laboratory, “SUGALABO”, in Kamiya-cho, Tokyo in April 2015.

Body photos courtesy of JAL and main photo: AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by Hyougushi

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