Your Next Favorite Cash Back App is DOSH [sponsored post]

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You like free money, right? We all do. While pennies from heaven sounds nice in theory, the reality is that we’d all wind up with a lot of welts and bruises if coins started raining down on us. Pennies have a lot of velocity, right? Instead of hoping for a meteorological fortune to fall your way, try downloading DOSH. It’s a new free app that promises to put money back in your pocket “auto-magically” and based on what I’ve seen so far, it’s one the best cash back apps out there.

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DOSH runs on a simple premise: you add your credit card to the app (which has the same high level of security as a credit card processor) and… that’s it. Once your card is in the system, you get cash back for shopping at any one of their partners. Even better? There are a TON of partners and the list is growing every day. Forever 21 is one of the biggest ones, as is Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s. As the app gains steam, expect to see your favorite retailers sign up.

So what exactly is “dosh?” It’s a slang term for cash and that’s exactly what this app is all about. Once you start earning your cash back (i.e. dosh), it goes into your DOSH wallet, similar to where your cash lives in Venmo. Just like Venmo, you can then transfer it directly into your bank account or PayPal account or even donate it to charity.

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You may be asking what the catch is. I was wondering the same thing. Why would any app just give me free cash for doing the things I’m already doing? The answer is very 2017. They’re getting data. They can analyze the spending patterns of their users and relay that data back to the retailers. It’s the same thing retailers are doing now, except instead of paying giant marketing firms to create reports, they’re essentially paying you to pass along your data to them (in a non-creepy way).

If you’re someone who stays in hotels a bunch, you’re going to love DOSH. They have a separate part of the app for travel and they not only get you a better price on some advertised rates, they give you dosh back in your wallet for staying. I’ll get into this in detail in another post, but basically it’s like shopping for carrots at the grocery store. On the shelf, they’re $3 a bunch. DOSH is like having a magic carrot wand where the price comes down to $2.50 and then you get an extra $1 back when you checkout. Same delicious carrots, half the price. It’s just like that, except you can’t eat the hotels.DOSH5

Overall, I’m pretty excited about DOSH and not just because this is a sponsored post. I think this app is going to really catch on and make us all a bunch of money from the savings. If you’re interested, download the DOSH app and check it out for yourself. If you don’t like, uninstall it. It’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

One caveat: the app is in beta, so they’re still working out the kinks. It’s in a public beta right now and should be in final form fairly quickly. That said, download the DOSH app by clicking here and you can test drive it for yourself.


    • As far as I know, you have to use actual credit cards in the app but I can ask the DOSH folks to see if there are any gift card possibilities.

      • Ok I had a look and it looked like the online portal looked like the regular site just loaded inside the app.

        • Just heard back from DOSH: “When you check out online, you pay through the retailer’s website. You can use whichever payment method they accept.”
          There you go! Looks like you can double dip on merchant multipliers and DOSH!

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