Now Fly&Dine/DealsWeLike Collab = TWO $50 Starbucks Giftcards

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The Giveaway Gods are smiling on you. I’ve been hyping my interview/giveaway with Deals We Like all week long and yesterday, something amazing happened. Jennifer from Deals We Like MATCHED the giveaway. That means you now have TWO CHANCES to win a $50 Starbucks giftcard. Think of all the coffee you could drink!

To enter my giveaway, click on this link and put your answer to this week’s giveaway question in the comments section of THAT POST.

To enter the Deals We Like giveaway, click on this link and enter there.

Two opportunities. $100 in free coffee at stake. As the Illinois lottery used to say (in commercials) when I was just a wee Fly&Diner, “somebody’s gotta lotto, might as well be you.” Enter now!

(Full terms and conditions available on my original interview/giveaway post. Fly&Dine giveaway closes at MIDNIGHT PST tonight, so get your comment in NOW!)


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