Off to Hong Kong!

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While I figure Fly&Dine is still too new to have truly regular visitors, anyone who’s stopped by in the last week may have noticed that I wasn’t able to post. That’s because of two very lame words: emergency surgery. Now that my kidney stone (his name was Elliott) has made an early departure, I can resume posting and it coincides with a pretty major event. I’m about to embark on my very first trip to Hong Kong.

I’ll be flying Cathay Pacific to HKG in Premium Economy where I will then check in to the Four Seasons for a few nights before transferring to the incredible InterContinental to finish out my trip. While I’m there, I’ll be exploring the best Michelin-starred dining the city has to offer as well as hidden street food finds and anything else that looks like it might belong in my belly. I’ll be reporting regularly along the way, so stay tuned for some word-feasts to match up with the actual feasts that I’ll be enjoying.

A big thank you to the InterContinental for inviting me out to Hong Kong and Cathay for sponsoring my flight. I can’t wait to land and explore the city.


  1. Its a good thing the Intercontinental invited you because the prices are very high. The view of the harbor is amazing though. Enjoy the food scene in Hong Kong. I will warn you though, the best meals I have had there were not at fancy restaurants (and I love fancy restaurants).

    • I’d love to hear your recommendations for non-fancy restaurants! All suggestions appreciated.

  2. I just got back from a business trip to Hong Kong and had some wonderful meals there, both high and low end. The one that I keep thinking of was the spicy hot pot at Little Sheep in Tsim Sha Tsui, which was on the lower end of the scale. I’ve eaten hot pot all around the world and this one was truly fantastic.

    I also recommend using as a source for all things restaurant. (It’s sort of like Yelp, which is not available in HK.) My colleagues in HK swear by it.

    • This is awesome advice, Melis. Thanks so much. I’ve been using openrice to get some crowdsourced confirmation of where to hit up, but I find it about as effective as Yelp, which is to say not much.

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