This is a photo of an Egg Waffle.

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You thought my Hong Kong coverage was over? NO WAY, SON. This is a Hong Kong flashback Fly&Dine-style. That photo up there? It’s an egg waffle (aka eggette or gai daan jai) at Lee Keung Kee. I had no idea what Lee Keung Kee was, but when I was trekking back and forth to that mediocre tailor I saw a long line and when I’m overseas and see a line for food, I wait in it.

I’m glad I did. As it turns out, Lee Keung Kee is all sorts of famous and their egg waffle was so so so good. Super light and airy with a subtle crunch as you bite into each little egg pocket. In terms of flavor, the coconut-tinged sweetness was perfect right out of the fryer. For around $2, you get a massive rolled-up waffle that would be hard for any one person to finish on their own. My only regret is that there wasn’t some sort of whipped cream or jam to spread on it. That might just be the fat American in me talking, though.


  1. last time i went back (2012) it was only HK$10. which is like US$1.3

    Also some shops will have other flavours. Ive seen Chocolate, strawberry, and Taro.

  2. Whenever I visit Hong Kong I get one of those egg waffles. It’s THE best. Parellel to none…actually…maybe the moroccan waffles (in Belgium) was one of the best I’ve ever tastes, with chocolates. My, delicious just thinking about it.

    Ps ignore trolls above. I quite enjoy this post. At least it is not pushing cc apps!

  3. @BOShappyflyer: Thanks. I actually like having the trolls around. They keep things interesting. I just wish the idiot above seemed like a worthy adversary.

  4. Tried these egg puffs at an island called Cheung Chau near Hong Kong, about a month ago. Simply amazing, so good we had to buy a second bag (the vendor put them in a paper bag with holes in it, perhaps so the outside would remain crunchy and not get soggy.) Also tried Taiwanese Shave Ice while we were on that island (despite being in the Hong Kong vicinity) , very unique and tasty ice cream (it was mango flavor served with some berry sauce on top)

    • Was the Taiwanese shave ice similar to the “snow cream” that seems to be getting popular in the US?

      • It’s possibly a variation. The Taiwanese shave ice we had would best be described as multiple thinly stacked layers of almost paper thin ice cream. Almost like a phyllo dough, but made with ice cream. I guess it’s like Hawaiian shave ice (in which blocks of ice are used and “shaved” …but instead of a block of ice the Taiwanese shave ice uses a block of “ice cream” that’s shaved.

  5. That’s snow cream! In Taiwan, I believe it’s called xue hua bing. My friend Jet Tila has a place in Vegas called Kuma that serves it here in the US. There are also a few places in LA that I know of.

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