Virgin America Offers 2,000 Elevate points for Incredible Wine Deal

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If you like to fly Virgin America and you like to buy wine, then the email I just got from Virgin Wines is right up your alley. If you’re an Elevate member,  you can join their Virgin Wine Explorers Club for $79.99 and get fifteen wines — either all red, all white, or a mix. For the math averse, that breaks down to $5.33 a bottle. Nice. Those are Trader Joe’s prices, people. They’re even giving you free shipping.

PLUS, they’re giving you a 2,000 Elevate point bonus for joining. That means 2,000 more points towards a flight where you can enjoy that exclusive Humphrey Slocumbe ice cream flavor. Even super conservative estimates have Elevate points valued at 1.5 cents a piece on the low end, so those 2,000 points give you a $30 value at the minimum. That means you’re now getting 15 wines for the equivalent of $50. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Word of warning: it looks like you get auto-enrolled in the club by signing up for the offer, which means you’ll get shipments of wine for a higher price later on, but they make a point of saying you can cancel anytime. My advice? Sign up for this pretty excellent deal, then cancel as soon as you receive your points bonus.

You can click on the offer here.


(FYI: I don’t have any sort of affiliate program with this deal. I just think it’s a good offer and I wanted you to know about it.)




  1. Ah yes, airline-sponsored wine with honorable mention of Trader Joe’s. And sad memories of Two Buck Chuck. While not a horrible way to acquire points, without a tasting, I’m guessing that the wine should be reserved fro kitchen use. Has anyone tried this? Save the front cabin offerings on a few of the best airlines, flying wines are a crap-shoot at best. Give the stalled taste buds in a dry environment at FL 380, coach class fare tastes like vinegar and truly good wines are simply wasted. If one must drink at altitude (generally a poor choice) stronger spirits is the only pleasant way to load one’s system.
    Given the price of this offer, the ‘free’ shipping and the bonus points, can you imagine what the promotions folks are actually paying for this vino? In the end, I believe that wine is one of those items where (in most cases) one really gets what one pays for. And yes, the world produces a lot more substandard quality wine than even average quality wine. I’d like to hear from a few folks who have accepted this offer. And with a tip of the hat, it IS a creative approach – to something.

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