A Photo Tour of Bazaar Meat at the SLS Las Vegas

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When I was in Vegas for the incredible BoardingArea Conference (aka BACon) two weeks ago, I was treated to dinner at the brand-new Bazaar Meat at the SLS Hotel & Casino. If you’ve ever been to one of the Bazaars in LA or Miami before, you know they hit the sweet spot between traditional Spanish classics and Jose Andres’ modernist tendencies. That means things like classics like pan con tomate as well as more adventurous items like cubes of foie gras hidden inside a pink puff of cotton candy, “olives” that burst in your mouth like bubbles, and “Dragon’s Breath” mojitos that cause liquid nitrogen to shoot out of your nose.

Bazaar Meat is like the carnivorous cousin of the regular Bazaars. It has the special Jose Andres treats like the cotton candy foie gras and olives, but there’s also a giant menu of meat, meat, and more meat. Enormous Wagyushu beef rib steaks from Oregon are grilled over oak wood and seasoned simply with salt and pepper. Iberico pork loin is served fresh from Spain, as opposed to the cured jamon Iberico most people are used to. All in all, it’s a magical experience with a modern Spanish master turning meat into marble for his culinary sculptures. Here’s a photo tour of my meal:


Oak-wood fired grill. Ay carumba!



The before photo…


Bagels & Lox Cone with dill cream cheese and salmon roe


Cotton Candy Foie Gras


Ferran Adrià Olives, Modern & Traditional (a tribute to Spanish molecular master Ferran Adrià)


Croquetas de Pollo (Chicken-bechamel fritters)


Beef Carpaccio & Parmesan Grissini (Washugyu beef, espuma, caramelized onion pureÌe)


Foie Gras “Floating Island†(Foie gras soup, fresh corn espuma)


This Wagyushu ribeye was even better than it looks.


“Hey Girl…”



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