The Russian Nesting Dolls of Airplane Food Stories

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The Internet, at times, is a giant game of telephone. Something happens, somebody writes about it, somebody else summarizes that, somebody summarizes the summary, and so on. Maybe it’s less telephone and more Human Centipede (I’ll let you google that terrible phrase on your own if you’re not familiar — but this is your warning not to do it).

Either way, I was doing my daily blog perusal this morning when I came across a story called “Airplane Food: From Multi-Course Meals To Warmed Up Bowls Of Something” on Consumerist. I read a few sentences before realizing it was just a summary of an Atlantic story titled “Why Airplane Food Is So Bad.”  Actually, summary is too generous a word here. The Consumerist story is 625 words, the Atlantic is 1500. That’s not so much a summary as it is a condensed retelling. Both pieces tell the same story of airplane food suffering from dehydration problems and being aided by sauces and sugar and salt. Where have I heard that before? Oh, right. Here.

This “Why does airplane food taste so bad?” echo chamber will keep on reverberating every few weeks as a different outlet either (a) tries to figure out why airplane food tastes so bad (let me guess — dehydration and taste bud change?) or (b) rewrites somebody else’s story on why airplane food tastes so bad.

Look, I’m guilty of it, too. I just gave you 200 words about why it’s lame that everyone’s writing about why airplane food tastes so bad. I just wish that instead of identifying why it tastes bad, people could offer solutions to make it better. I did that a little while ago and, sadly, nobody even bothered to summarize it.


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