Stunning Flight Reviews! AA Meal Upgrades! Morocc & Roll!

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Guys. Can I just say how good it feels to be back? There. I said it. After a month of traveling like crazy, I’m back home and feeling good. Getting a full week’s worth of Fly&Dine posts on a regular schedule makes me feel whole again.

I hope you had a wonderful week. Fly&Dine certainly did. If you missed anything from the prior week, use this as your chance to catch up! This is the week that was in Fly&Dine:

Photo Tour: Morocco Day 1

Morocco Photo Tour: Day 2

Flight Food Review: Royal Air Maroc (JFK-CMN/CMN-JFK)

Morocco Photo Tour: Day 3

Eat (with) the Rich: How Wealthy Moroccans Do Dinner Parties

First Class Review: JetBlue Mint JFK-LAX

Moroccan Photo Tour: Day 4

American Airlines Upgrades First Class Meal Service Starting 11/18


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