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Eat. Japan. Taste the Best Tuna in Nara.

What: Maguro Koya Where: Nara, Japan What makes it special Japanese restaurants are usually known for one specific thing, be it udon noodles or tempura or sushi. Some, though, go even further and specialize in a single ingredient. That’s the case with Maguro Koya in the Japanese city of Nara where the name of the game is…

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JAL Introduces New Meals

Japan Airlines (JAL) is putting a new spin on the old phrase “I’ll have the fish.” Beginning March 1st, Chef Jun Kurogi of “Kurogi” will be offering a brand new multi-course menu for international business travelers flying out of Japan. The meal begins with an amuse-bouche of sesame tofu, followed by a bento box of Japanese…

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Love Sushi? Love Luggage? Get SUSHI LUGGAGE COVERS!

Ah, Japan. Land of Nintendo, salarymen, and vending machines for used women’s underwear. There’s a culture of obsessive fandom in Japan (otaku), but there’s also a culture of cuteness (kawaii). Today’s story falls under kawaii. I love sushi. It’s one of the rare foods that’s both indulgent and good for you (unless you’re Jeremy Piven…

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