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Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food Brownie Recipe

When celebrity chefs and airport restaurants collide, the results can be quite polarizing. Some times (*cough* Wolfgang Puck *cough*) it’s just another branded marketing opportunity for the chef to get rich without actually being ever being present. Other times, though, these celeb chefs raise the entire level of airport dining with thoughtful additions to terminals…

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The $7,000 World Cup Take-Out Order

Would you spend over $7,000 to hook your friends up with Indian food on a different continent? That’s what one guy did for the World Cup. Can we all just agree that rich people spend their excess money on stupid things? Michael Jackson built his own zoo, Michael Jordan bought a failing basketball team, and…

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Gordon Ramsay’s Heathrow Picnic Baskets

So I was cruising around Twitter and came across this tweet from @steglobal (retweeted by Heathrow Airport):   Superb thought by Gordon Ramsey – @planefood in @HeathrowAirport have picnic boxes to takeaway in chill bags. BRAVO ! pic.twitter.com/4yYD41wQje — ste global (@steglobal) February 17, 2014   That. Looks. Awesome. Allow me to dissect the tweet…

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