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O’Hare Hires Goats to Cut The Grass

I realize how absurd that headline sounds, but it’s true — and it’s not just goats. Llamas, sheep, and donkeys are all pitching in to get some landscaping done at ORD in a super eco-initiative called the Sustainable Vegetation Management program. It’s actually the second year of the Chicago Department of Aviation initiative and the…

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Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food Brownie Recipe

When celebrity chefs and airport restaurants collide, the results can be quite polarizing. Some times (*cough* Wolfgang Puck *cough*) it’s just another branded marketing opportunity for the chef to get rich without actually being ever being present. Other times, though, these celeb chefs raise the entire level of airport dining with thoughtful additions to terminals…

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Eater’s 2014 Airport Dining Guides

In the Fly&Dine universe, we tend to celebrate different holidays than normal folks. Airline mergers, new menu debuts, and the release of the now-annual Eater Airport Dining Guides are all big days for us. As such, yesterday was essentially Christmas as Eater unleashed their latest series of Airport Dining Guides. The difference between Eater and…

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