The Standby List (aka Links to Cool Stories)

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While I hope you’re enjoying the content here on my humble little site, it’s nice to know what’s going on in the world at large, too. That’s why we have The Standby List: a collection of links to other stories that tread on the sacred ground of food and travel. Honestly, it seems like the launch of Fly&Dine last week came at the perfect time considering how many stories came out recently about food and air travel.

How Did Airport Food Suddenly Get So Good via Bon Appetit

Three Ways to Improve Air Travel From an Airport Concessions Expert via Gizmodo

Airport Food Sees Tasty, Healthy Upgrades Across U.S. via ABC News

And a bonus, just because it’s cool to see:

Air Travel in the 30s via Gizmodo

Happy Cyber Monday, Fly&Diners!


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