This is what a Singapore Airlines Kids Meal Looks Like

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One of the joys of Instagram is checking out photos of places and things you’ll never visit or see. I like to think of it as an constantly updated feed of wanderlust. Last night, I saw chef Suzanne Goin (AOC, Tavern, The Larder at Burton Way) post a photo from her trip to Japan and I had to share it with you. Apparently this is a Singapore Airlines kids meal, so this is what you can expect if you fly Singapore Airlines to Kyoto.

Just based on the photo, it looks like there’s some black cod, possible marinated in miso; tofu of some sort; pickled vegetables; a fried section that may or may not be kara-age chicken; and little hand rolls perfect for little hands. Yummmmmmmm. Check it out:


Kids meal #kyoto-style. A true happy meal! Thank you @kikunoi @singaporeair #chefkids

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  1. It really looks nice!! Thank you for sharing.
    Would appreciate also to know if it is was in Coach/Business or First?

    • @Kumar: I’m only guessing here, but I suspect it is probably First Class (only). And yes, it DOES look great. Considering how few kids fly in F.C., I’d also guess that this “Kid’s Meal,” is available only via advanced, special order. If they ‘allow’ adults to special order a “Kid’s Meal,” I’d enjoy this as a first course and them move on to something more substantial. -C.

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