Thrillist Releases Incredible Airport Drinking Guide

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I’m a big fan of Thrillist. I don’t necessarily think media needs to be divided as “for men” and “for women,” but that’s been happening for decades and Thrillist has done a great job of occupying the bro space of the Internet. In fact, my buddy Jeff Miller’s been holding it down in Thrillist for years and I’ve got mad respect for his bro-writing, so it’s with great pleasure that I present to you Thrillist’s Airport Drinking Guide.

You can find the full link right here, but I’ll give you the highlights from Ben Robinson’s comprehensive article:

Go ahead and pretend it’s 5 o’clock (or 9am or 11:30pm) somewhere and order whatever you want. Robinson suggests throwing your watch against the wall (not literally) and feeling fine ordering a beer for breakfast if that’s what you desire. “Airports are time vortexes,” he writes, which is ironic because airports are one of the few places completely controlled by a regimented time-management system at literally every single second of the day.

Order that double. It’s simple math: more bang for your buck. Robinson cites the fact that drinks, like everything else at the airport, are completely overpriced, so you may as well spring the smallish upcharge to get twice as much booze.

If you’re going to buy a lounge day pass for the free booze, make sure you drink enough free booze. Like the double cocktail noted above, it’s all about value.

Tipping in bars at airports follows the same guidelines as you’d follow outside the secured confines of the terminal. Don’t skip on the tip just because you’re likely to never see the airport bartender again. Give the lady/gentledude a dollar for sliding over your beer and know that you’re not walking onto a flying metal tube with a steaming pile of bad karma hanging over your head.

For the rest of Robinson’s tips, head over to Thrillist and prepare to drink up — his words, that is.


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