The Top 15 Items at Trader Joe’s

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I love Trader Joe’s. When I’m packing snacks to take on the plane with me, they almost exclusively come from their packaged snack aisle. Organic cashews, almonds, and cranberries are my go-to, but there are trail mixes and dried fruit and all sorts of other goodies to choose from and, like most other things at TJoe’s, they’re cheaper than your average grocery store. Apparently I’m not buying their biggest sellers, though.

Trader Joe’s released a list of their most popular items and, if you’re like me, you’ll be surprised to see what’s on there. Fennel bulbs? Pumpkin butter? These are not the things I would expect on a list of Trader Joe’s most popular items, but according to the funky grocery store chain, those are numbers 12 and 8, respectively. They didn’t release their methodology, so I have no idea if this was based on sales or just a straight-up customer vote, but the entire list reads like the aftermath of a pretty tame shopping spree after smoking a pound of weed. Check out the top fifteen items:

1. Triple Ginger Snaps
2. Speculoos Cookie Butter
3. Joe Joe’s Cookies (All Varieties)
4. Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole
5. Charles Shaw Wine (All Varieties)
6. Pumpkin Coffee *
7. Mac ‘n Cheese
8. Pumpkin Butter *
9. Almond Butter (All Varieties)
10. Pumpkin Pecan Instant Oatmeal *
11. Chili Lime Chicken Burgers
12. Fennel Bulbs *
13. Cranberry Goat Cheese Log *
14. Harvest Blend Herbal Tea *
15. Pound Plus Chocolate Bar (Milk & Dark)

While I won’t be picking up any chili lime chicken burgers or pumpkin coffee before my next flight, I may look into those triple ginger snaps. After all, who doesn’t love a winner?

*seasonal item


  1. 9. Almond Butter (All Varieties)

    recently recalled.

    seems to me trader joes has a high rate of recalls

    that said, we still like their products

  2. The recalls are so bogus….I have a jar of that almond butter, & I’m still alive. Also surprised their bag of trail mix didn’t make the list

  3. My life would be incomplete without TJ’s, especially the pound plus chocolate. It’s perfect for baking and eating too.

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