$100 Biz Class Seats on Cathay, New Park Hyatt Flagship, and MORE!

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Buenas dias from Mexico! I’m down at Rancho La Puerta for the week trying to add some healthy living to my otherwise unhealthy life. While I’m excited about the week ahead, I’m equally excited about the week that we’re leaving behind. Lots of great stuff happened on Fly&Dine and you can relive it all by clicking the links below. Let’s recap!

The Best Hot Beverage You’ve Never Tried: Cocoa Tea

Wolfgang Puck Names His Favorite Airline

$100 Business Class Seats on Cathay Pacific Next Tuesday!

New Flagship Park Hyatt Opens in NYC

Avocado Beer and Vintage Whisky

NEW First Class Menus for Cathay Pacific by Mandarin Oriental

Qantas Switches From Trays to Happy Meals in Economy

8 of the Most Beautiful Airline Meals You’ve Ever Seen


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