Truffles, Truffles, and More Truffles: A Dinner in Photos

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Part of the life of the food writer is getting invited to really, really nice dinners. Honestly, besides the trips, it’s pretty much the best part of the job. Last Friday, I had the good fortune of being invited to an unbelievable meal at Mélisse in Santa Monica, CA where chef Josiah Citrin is carrying the banner for French fine dining in LA. On this special night, famed Australian chef Peter Gilmore of Quay (which currently sits at #60 on the list of the World’s Best Restaurants) was in town to collaborate on a gorgeous six course truffle dinner featuring a mountain of those rare and beautiful fungi from The Truffle & Wine Co. in Western Australia.

Here’s the menu with photos following that match up with each course.

IMG_6970 IMG_6978 IMG_6987 IMG_6989 IMG_6992 IMG_6993


  1. Maude is doing truffles the entire month of November. Hate to see what the cost of the 9 course meal is going to be, LOL.

  2. Fun. Some say that truffles smell/taste like well used gym socks. In my few experiences with them, yup, I CAN appreciate the link, but when properly paired with other ingredients it can be a festive few bites. Nice report.

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