Unlimited Flights, Brunch Rules, & MORE

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This was one of the best weeks in Fly&Dine history! If you missed anything from the past seven days, pretend there’s a big test coming up and cram cram cram. That didn’t sound right…

In any case, make your Sunday even better by checking out these great stories from this week:


Fly&Dine’s Hotel Brunch Buffet Rules


Unlimited Flights for $2,000/month in US


9 Photos of #Dessert to Drool Over


Thou Shalt Not Gas: 7 Surprising Foods to Avoid Before Flying


Best Fundraiser Ever? Play Arcade Games at Swedish Airports for Charity


The 5 Most Amazing Peanut Butter Pies in America


14 Awesome Hypothetical Chef Sneakers


Apple Watch Works with Boarding Passes/Hotel Room Keys/Uber


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