Is This The Worst Safety Video Ever?

Airline safety videos have come a long way. At time, they captivate us. At other times, they bore us to tears.  Consumerist seems to think that the latest video from United is among the worst they’ve ever seen. As Chris Morran of Consumerist says:

“All the safety stuff you already knew is finally over around the 4:15 mark, but United has to crank up the Gershwin full blast to waste another 15-20 seconds of your time with people you will never meet telling you how much they appreciate you.

“We’re taking an approach of sophisticated humor that reflects our brand,” a rep for the company tells the Chicago Tribune.

We’ll disagree that the video is sophisticated or humorous, but we do agree that the bloated, stagnant, and overlong clip does indeed reflect the United brand.”

Yikes. That’s pretty harsh. Watch the video for yourself and let me know if you think this is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to airline safety videos.


  1. God forbid a safety video on the plane which you will already be on for that time takes an extra 15 seconds because of music. Not to mention that this video isn’t really that long, it is on par with other airline safety videos. Consumerist just hates companies, with the exception of giving consumers money for nothing, companies can do no right.

  2. oh please! This is such an improvement compared to their old video. And it is funny, beautifully shot! The music is great. United is the only airline aside from Korean Air to play classical music and it’s probably the classiest thing about them. And THANK GOD Smisek isn’t on this video for a change!

  3. Love it! The only thing is they could pick up the pace a little, but I guess if English isn’t your firsts language it might be right.

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