$160 Flights to Europe, Free In-Flight Taco Bars, & MORE!

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April is off to a roaring start on Fly&Dine thanks to WOW Air’s introduction to the American market with incredible flight deals to Europe along with some investigative research on the official term for your carry-on luggage (Is it rollerboard? Rollaboard?) The answer is below!

One of the biggest stories this week was about American Airlines’ new complimentary in-flight taco bars. If you weren’t paying attention to the date, though, you may not have realized that it was my April 1st post. Go ahead and read it if you want a laugh:

7 AMAZING Facts About American’s Free In-Flight Taco Bar

And for all non-April Fools Day news, click on any of this past week’s Fly&Dine stories below:

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