American Unveils New $2 BILLION Campaign

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Apparently today’s the day to announce big news if you’re a major airline in the United States. Delta’s doing their thing with rebranding seat products while American just shared the news that they’re investing TWO BILLION DOLLARS to make your flying experience better. They’re calling it “Going For Great,” and it’s a big campaign focused on improving several huge categories including new planes, more power in seats and in terminals, and better premium cabins seating options. Here are the highlights from the press release:

New planes every week
Don’t miss our new air candy. We currently have the youngest fleet of U.S.-based network airlines, and as we take delivery of more than 500 new planes, it’ll keep getting younger, more modern and more fuel efficient.

Powerports at every seat
We want you to be at 100% all the time. With powerports at every seat in nearly all of our new planes and more being added to our existing fleet, you’ll have the access you need to keep all of those power-hungry devices full of life.

Revamped lounges
For 75 years, Admirals Club® lounges have been a place to relax and work for travelers. And over the next two years, they’ll only get better. We’re beefing up our food offerings and refreshing our amenities in Admirals Club lounges and Flagship® Lounges worldwide. Plus, we’re updating our lounges to provide a more modern, consistent experience.

New, lie-flat Business Class seats on select aircraft
We’re already helping you snooze in the sky with lie-flat seats in the premium cabins on our Boeing 777-300, Airbus A321T and A330 aircraft. Flyers will soon see fully lie-flat seats in Business Class on all retro-fitted 777-200 aircraft, plus select 757s and 767-300s. It’s the best way to fly, flat out.

I like these changes. Adding more power outlets is better for everyone. I’ve already enjoyed the seat-back power outlets on American’s newer planes much more than the underseat options on the older aircrafts and it seems like American has finally recognized that access to power outlets is a major concern for air travelers.

The addition of more lie-flat seats is also a step in the right direction, although I’d prefer to see a commitment to adding them into the whole fleet. I know that personally, I’d be more apt to use my 500-mile upgrades if I knew the upgrade came with a lie-flat seat.

On the “Going For Great” page on their website, American also announces that international wifi is coming soon, although they don’t give a specific time frame for this to happen. I can’t wait. It’ll make those ultra-long overseas flights go much quicker and feel more productive if I can access the internet during the flight.

What do you think about these new improvements?



  1. Seems like a great time to fly american especially now that delta and united keep devaluing their miles. I am excited.

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