JetBlue’s Mint Menus for December

JetBlue has been incredible in changing up their Saxon+Parole-created Mint menus every month so frequent travelers aren’t stuck with the same options every time they fly. If you haven’t flown JetBlue’s Mint first class product yet, check out my review here (spoiler alert: it’s awesome).

If you’re looking for the December menus, see below. The name of each menu (Eastbound Lunch/Dinner, Westbound Brunch, etc.) is in the top right corner of each menu. Share your favorite dishes in the comments, if you please!


MintMenu_Dec_LunchDinner_WestboundMintMenu_Dec_LunchDinner_Westbound 2MintMenu_Dec_LunchDinner_Westbound 3MintMenu_Dec_LunchDinner_Westbound 4MintMenu_Dec_LunchDinner_Westbound 5MintMenu_Dec_LunchDinner_Westbound 6



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