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Moroccan Photo Tour: Day 4

Are you ready to say goodbye to Morocco? No? I wasn’t either, but here we are. Friends, we’ve come to the last photo tour of my trip to Morocco (thanks to the wonderful Pompeian Olive Oil company). If you’d like to recap the first three days of my trip, please do so: Photo Tour: Morocco…

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Morocco Photo Tour: Day 3

My Moroccan adventure continues with Day 3 of my photo tour. If you missed Day 1 or Day 2, make sure to click in and catch up. Day 3 of my trip to Morocco (courtesy of Pompeian Olive Oil) brought me to a food factory, a winery, and a family home for an extravagant Moroccan…

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Morocco Photo Tour: Day 2

“Come with me/And you’ll be/In a world of/Pure imagination…” Do you recognize those lyrics? They’re from one of my favorite movies as a kid, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Maybe this will jog your memory: Why am I sharing lyrics from movies made in the early ’70s? Because that’s how I felt when I…

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Photo Tour: Morocco Day 1

I’ve been trying to publish this since Monday, but the internet wasn’t kind to me in Morocco so you’ll have to excuse the tardiness (and lack of posting — AGAIN). I just got back from Morocco in the wee hours of the morning and I have so much to share with you! Flights on Royal…

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A Call for Morocco-mendations

Dear Friends. I’m about to embark upon my first trip to Africa. Tomorrow, I’ll leave Los Angeles and find myself in Morocco by the end of the weekend. This is one of the first times I’ve gone to a destination where I have no idea what to expect. That’s why I’m calling on you, the…

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