Moroccan Photo Tour: Day 4

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Are you ready to say goodbye to Morocco? No? I wasn’t either, but here we are. Friends, we’ve come to the last photo tour of my trip to Morocco (thanks to the wonderful Pompeian Olive Oil company). If you’d like to recap the first three days of my trip, please do so:

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On Day 4 of my trip, we started in Meknes at an olive farm (Sodeom Jerry) before journeying on to Fez where we stayed at the gorgeous Relais & Chateaux property Riad Fes and enjoyed a farewell dinner before hopping on a bus at 4am to head back to the airport in Casablanca.

Our first stop was at the olive farm, where these local Moroccan women made us a fresh breakfast of traditional Moroccan breads and pancakes. This is my favorite, m’smen, being rolled and fried:

IMG_8431In the olive farm, they’re able to create new saplings from the branches of other olive trees. Tied together, the branches represent a new level of prosperity for Moroccan olive farmers.

IMG_8469Just look at that henna…

IMG_8468Then it was off to Fez, where we found this beautiful gate as we entered the old city.

IMG_8488How about a cooking class? These mini-decorative tagines are filled with spices that will be used to make a traditional chicken couscous.

IMG_8493The finished product…

IMG_8518Inside the stunning Riad Fes:

IMG_8521And then it was time to go home again.

IMG_8546Farewell, Morocco. It’s been riad. I mean real.

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