Morocco Photo Tour: Day 3

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My Moroccan adventure continues with Day 3 of my photo tour. If you missed Day 1 or Day 2, make sure to click in and catch up.

Day 3 of my trip to Morocco (courtesy of Pompeian Olive Oil) brought me to a food factory, a winery, and a family home for an extravagant Moroccan meal. While I’ll save the meal for another post, here’s the visual evidence of my third day in Northern Africa:

Breakfast in Morocco means carbs. The square bread is m’smen, a fantastically flaky, pull-apart mix of roti/tortilla texture that goes beautifully with jam. The hole-filled bread is bajhr, which means pancake of a thousand holes. A great way to start any day.


After breakfast, I went to the Aicha factory where Morocco gets the majority of its jams and condiments. Aicha is a legendary brand in Morocco and I happened to fall in love with their adorable mascot, also named Aicha, who can be found on top of these jars.

IMG_8301This is the final step of the olive oil making process. After the oil’s been fully extracted from the olive, it comes pouring out of a spout looking all beautiful and green. Kermit may not have embraced his inner greenness, but this olive oil is green and proud.

IMG_8331Next up was a trip to Le Celliers de Meknes, a sprawling winery that pumps out 35 million bottles a year. The first shot is your classic barrel image, next up is the private stock seen through its ornate wine-prison bars, and finally you’ve got a very Instagram-friendly photo of bottles in crates. Artistic!



The photo tour concludes tomorrow, but keep your eyes out for the recap of that dinner coming later today!


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