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Fantasy Travel Week on Food Republic

Do you read Food Republic? I do. I also happen to write for them quite a bit (check out my Kessler Report column here). Most weeks, the site features great food content geared towards dudes (bacon, whisky, sports, souffles) but this week, they’ve been doing Fantasy Travel Week and it’s pretty fantastic, although I think…

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How to Eat for Free in Airport Lounges

Ah, the First Class Lounge; that shangri-la of tiny sandwiches, premium liquor, and showers that I’m not even that afraid to use. If I had access, I’d go every day. It would be my country club, my sanctuary, my really upscale Starbucks. The problem is, lounge access costs major dollars in the form of memberships…

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The Wall Street Journal Gets into Airport Food

The Wall St. Journal just published a big story online about the current state of airport food and the business behind it. Definitely worth a read. Check it out here: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303465004579322690270418718 My favorite quote comes from Rick Blatstein, CEO of OTG Management, which operates restaurants at airports in the U.S. and Canada: “We operate restaurants…

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Let’s say you’re traveling to Chicago. You booked a flight on American and you’ll get into O’Hare around lunchtime. You have two choices: buy something overpriced from the plane or buy something overpriced at the terminal. How are you going to make your decision? Where are you going to get the information that will help…

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