Cheap Custom Suits, Your Airline Food Nightmare, and More!

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Did you go outside and play yesterday? I hope you did. It was the last official day of Spring 2015 and the longest day of the year, so if you were going to imbibe some fresh air, yesterday was the day to do it. Today is the day to read; catch up; get your weekly dose of Fly&Dine stories. I hope you brought your appetite, because these are going to fill you up.


Greatest Hits: 7 Rules for Buying Cheap Custom Suits While Traveling


Your Airplane Food Nightmare Has Come True


Tips for Cleaning That Stinky Leather Bag from Overseas

Suicidal Wings

Truly Authentic Buffalo Wings Come to Vegas

New Summer Menu 2015 3

Virgin America’s New Menu for Summer 2015 + Dean & DeLuca Partnership!


The Best Life Advice I Have: Go Outside and Play

Click on each post underneath the photos for credit. Some photos courtesy of Virgin America.

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