Costco Chicken Facts, Airport 7-Elevens, and MORE!

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June? It’s June already? How did this happen?!? I still think it’s 2008 most of the time. While time continues to flow, perhaps it’s the right moment to take a breath and catch up on the previous week of flying and dining here at Fly&Dine. Take a deep breath. Now exhale. See? That’s better. Now you can read read read and forget that time is propelling you ever further into the universe.

Costco Sold How Many $5 Chickens Last Year?!?

Fly&Dine Lounge Review: The Club at PHX

Virgin Atlantic LAX Clubhouse FULL MENU

I Found the Best Airport Bathroom

LGA Hosts Impromptu Broadway Sing-Off [VIDEO]

7-Eleven Opens First US Airport Location

How Southwest Showed Its Heart

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