Costco, Diet Rice, and the BEST WEEK in Fly&Dine HISTORY!

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Happy Sunday to you all. I still can’t believe what a week it was for Fly&Dine. After a really good run of stories that seemed to be resonating with you readers, I published my “6 Costco Products That Are Better Than Name-Brand” story and it broke the Internet. In the past 24 hours, I’ve had more traffic than ever before and I love it. To celebrate, here’s a list of fantastic stories you may have missed this week — including that Costco post! Thanks so much for reading and if you happen to be new here, please check out my Fly&Dine Greatest Hits section to see the kind of great stories you can expect by becoming a regular reader.

Amazon’s Huge Luggage Sale


6 Costco Products That Are Better Than Name-Brand


Scientists Discover Trick to Cut Rice Calories in Half


Why Applying for TSA Pre-Check is a Terrible Decision


What Did Airline Food Look Like in 1965?


Is Chipotle Breakfast Coming Soon?


The Simple Joy of a Seafood Platter


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