Discovering Old School Sandwiches in Spokane

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We’ve got another foodie travel find from contributing writer Paul Bacon. Enjoy!

The Davenport Tower in Spokane, WA is located near the waterfalls, so I decided to take a walk on a sunny and warm afternoon in July. Walking past an open door, the smell of food made my stomach growl. I peeked in the door and it looked old, comfortable, and welcoming with a smiling staff: a real old school sandwich shop. Being from the East Coast, I know delis and sandwiches. Domini’s Sandwiches was the West Coast version of an East Coast sandwich shop that had been morphed back in time.

Domini's Sandwiches

I was told to have a seat and I was given a bowl of popcorn which comes with the sandwich. The staff told me about the sandwiches and how the meats are prepared. The roast beef is cooked daily and the pastrami can compete with NYC. The breads are fresh and delicious. I decided to order the roast beef with provolone cheese, mayo, and horseradish (hot). I asked for onions and I was told that there were no vegetables. What?! The answer was to let the meat speak for itself. So I ordered a dill pickle on the side.

How do I explain the staff? They are very friendly and I think they have been with the restaurant for a long time. As soon as I walked in, I was not treated as a number but as a very welcome customer. The kind of service that you do not see often anymore. Will I go back when I am in Spokane? Guaranteed!

When my sandwich arrived it was quite large and I had ordered the tiny sandwich ($9.95). The roast beef was very tender and the sourdough bread was some of the best I have had. As I was enjoying my sandwich, Tom Domini came over to tell me the history of the location. It was once a pub in the 1930s and has been in the family since. They started to serve sandwiches in 1963. As Tom was talking, I could hear the pride he has in the sandwich shop and its history. Spokane is evolving into a foodie scene with many new restaurants. In the middle of it all is this restaurant which gives you a great deal on fantastic sandwiches that speak for themselves.

If you are in Spokane, I recommend you visit Domini Sandwiches, W. 703 Sprague, Spokane, WA 99201. They are open for lunch, but not for dinner. Talk to Tom and listen to the history of the sandwich shop and the evolution of downtown Spokane.

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