JetBlue Adds New Free Snacks on Flights

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You’re getting more options with those blue potato chips, folks! JetBlue has been one of my favorite airlines for years and a lot of that is thanks to their free snack policy. Just yesterday, the airline announced that they’re adding two great new options to their free snack lineup. You’ll still be able to grab the go-to Terra Blues as well as PopCorners® popcorn chips and Skeeterâ„¢ Nut-Free chocolate chip cookies (gotta love the nut-free option…) but now you can indulge in some new snacks, as well. JetBlue passengers, say hello to…

Cheez-It® crackers and Craisins® dried cranberries!

I absolutely love Cheez-Its and I’m glad to see them onboard (Southwest offers Cheese Nips, which just aren’t the same). I’m MORE excited, though, to see the Craisins popping up. It’s rare to get anything that qualifies as healthy on a flight and getting that something for free is even better. If you’re not familiar, craisins are dried cranberries, aka raisins made from cranberries instead of grapes.

I’m still dreaming of the day when all airlines offer free snack baskets to its passengers, but until then I’ll just have to be happy that JetBlue is leading the charge (and offering dried fruit*!).


*When did I become someone who got excited about dried fruit? I’m getting old…


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