Enormous Amazon Sale, LA/Vegas Driving Times, and More!

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It’s a Sunday in mid-July. You can either enjoy the sweltering great outdoors or curl up to a big bowl of Fly&Dine with these great stories from last week. The choice is yours.


Amazon Launches Biggest Sale Ever with ONE CATCH…

Who needs actual holidays when you’re the biggest shopping site in the world? That’s the thinking behind Amazon’s new Prime Day on July 15th. Prime Day is a chance to get major discounts on a ton of products across dozens of categories including electronics, toys, movies, ..

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Greatest Hits: The Best Time to Drive from Vegas to LA

Our Summer 2015 Greatest Hits series continues with this useful post on the best time to plan your trip back to LA after your Vegas vacation. Read on to save yourself some valuable time! While what happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, there’s one thing that Sin City just can’t …

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The Newest Dehli: Chef-Driven Indian Comes Alive in Culver City

I’ve never had a great relationship with Indian food. Like Americanized Chinese, the Indian food I was exposed to earlier in my life always seemed over-spiced, over-sauced, and just plain unappetizing. Granted, the Indian food I tried (or, more accurately, avoided) came from low-end …

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New Airport Service Lets You Skip the Line

You’ve got thirty minutes to make it from Terminal A to Terminal D. There’s a SkyTrain, a giant tour group of Broadway-loving senior citizens, and roughly four million courtesy carts standing between you and your next flight. If that wasn’t bad enough, you haven’t eaten …

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Feast on This: The Week in Food Photos

If you’re trying to save yourself some calories and fit into a dress/suit/chicken costume for a wedding, you can’t necessarily indulge in everything you’d like to be eating. The same can’t be said for my life. As a professional food writer, it’s my job to check out …

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