Ever Had a Caviar Cocktail? Now You Can at Petrossian LAX

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When it comes to caviar, one of the biggest names in the game is Petrossian. With shops all over the world and the first airport caviar bar in the United States at LAX, the Petrossian family has proven that they’re serious about salty fish eggs for decades upon decades and the latest generation of Petrossians aren’t content to just sell tiny tins of transmontanus (aka white sturgeon) anymore. Now they’ve got all kinds of products that take caviar and import it into brand new forms like…

Caviar powder. It exists.

Caviar powder. It exists.

Caviar powder. In the photo above, you can see the “mill” full of dried caviar pearls. Drop those beads of caviar anywhere you’d like to turn your night into a top hat-and-monocle occasion or use the grinder function to create a fine powder of caviar which you can then use for… anything. See those cookies on the left? They’ve got caviar in them. Does the combination of shortbread and dried caviar actually work? I’ll let you be the judge (my verdict: maybe not).

That caviar powder can really go anywhere, though. To prove it, the masterminds at Petrossian created a new caviar cocktail that’s just finding its way to the LAX menu (it’s in the Tom Bradley International Terminal). If you want to make “Petrossian’s High Society,” a sort of elderflower gin martini with a healthy dose of caviar thrown in, you can check out the twee recipe here:

Petrossian's High Society

Petrossian’s High Society

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