Fiji with Minimal Wifi = Heaven

Posted in On the Ground

I’m at Turtle Island in Fiji having a blast, but one of the best parts is that I have to actually WORK to get wifi. If it need to connect, I have to sit on a bench outside the gift shop and that means I’m not constantly checking my phone for emails.

While I don’t want to full unplug while I’m here, the fact that I have to “opt-in” to Internet instead of opting out means that I don’t feel the same digital tether I usually do at home. It’s wonderful.

With that said, it also means I can’t do much in terms of posting to Fly&Dine. I’m going to try to put some photos up here, but I can’t make any promises. If it worked, see below for gorgeous island shots. If it didn’t, just wait a few days and I’ll return with a whole photo set of beautiful sunsets and fresh fish for you to enjoy. Vinaka!



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