Fly&Dine Snacks: GQ’s Airport Beer Bars, DTW Upgrades, and More

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Fly&Dine Snacks are bite-sized bits of info to keep you flying and dining in style. Some people call them links. I call them portals to new knowledge.

  • I don’t know how I missed this, but GQ named their top 9 airport beer bars back in March, starting with Cleveland’s excellent Great Lakes Brewery. Read all about it inside this Greek yogurt parfait.
  • If you like beer and live in Milwaukee (and if you don’t like beer, you might want to think about moving), you’ll be happy to know that the Miller Brewhouse is now open at MKE. More details behind this enormous bag of trail mix.
  • Detroit is getting in on the terminal renovation game and after completing a major retail overhaul, they’re setting their sights on stepping up the dining options with local outlets like Zingerman’s coming in as well as a new option to have food delivered directly to your seat at the gate in case you’re not a fan of walking. Check out the story underneath this canister of spray cheese.


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