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Tired of hearing about DOSH yet? I’m not. I love this app. If you’re a business traveler, I legitimately think you could supplement your income significantly by using Dosh. Check out my previous post on the subject here, but the bottom line is that you can register a company card on Dosh, then use the app to reserve a hotel room and get the cash back to your own account. That’s essentially having the Dosh app give you a bonus while your company foots the bill for the room. Not bad, eh? Well it’s about to get better.

For a limited time (I don’t know how limited…), you can get an extra $25 for booking your first hotel stay through Dosh. You’ll also get $5 just for signing up and registering a credit card. Since most Dosh users average $70 per night using the app, that means you’re getting $100 on the first night of your first hotel stay booked through Dosh. Sound too good to be true? It’s real. Follow these simple steps:

Sign up here: DOSH

Register a credit card

Search for a hotel room (they’re organized by the amount of Dosh you get back)

Book the hotel room

Complete your stay

Watch the Dosh roll in!

It really is that easy. If you’re heading to LA on business, you could book a night at the JW Marriott downtown at LA Live for $497 and get $176.57 back. Add in your $5 signup bonus and $25 first night bonus and you’ve got over $200 to spend at some downtown LA’s finest establishments like Bar Ama or Bestia.

If you like free cash, sign up for Dosh now. Get your $5 right away and start racking up even more cash when you use your registered card at Dosh-affiliated merchants all over the US and online. Go for it!


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