INFOGRAPHIC: American Airlines Wants You to Know How Special It Is

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I’ve never been a fan of fake marketing holidays (Belgian Waffle Day, International Tape Measure Day, Universal Self-Promotional Marketing Holiday Day), but they do serve a purpose: they give us a reason to talk about a specific topic. Next week is National Aviation Day and to celebrate, American Airlines has fired up the self-promotion machine and put together an infographic to show you just how great they really are (and they’ve been #GoingforGreat for a while now…). Honestly, with the all-new First Class pet cabins, they’re definitely trying to be innovative.

If you’re a fan of both numbers and domestic airlines in the United States, read on to learn more about a carrier that touts itself as “the world’s largest airline.”

AA InfographicAmerican_LAX Fact Sheet


  1. I do not want to detract from your exciting post and all that goes with it, but I am ashamed of myself for missing International Tape Measure Day! How will I ever recover? -C.

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