KLM Brings Two Michelin Stars On-Board Via Hotel De L’Europe

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Another day, another announcement of an airline partnering with an established brand to provide better meals. Okay, okay, so it may not be as routine as I make it seem but it’s certainly happening more frequently these days. ANA just announced their partnership with Patina, Cathay Pacific teamed up with the Mandarin Oriental, and now Dutch airline KLM has joined forces with Richard van Oostenbrugge of the two Michelin star Bord’Eau in Amsterdam’s Hotel De L’Europe for a new World Business Class menu that’s both very Dutch and international at the same time.

Passengers will receive their very own Dutch bicycle as they– Wait a second. I’ve just received more information and passengers will not be given bicycles, clogs, or tulips. Sorry for the confusion. They will, however, be treated to an elegant in-flight meal with dishes like chicken medallions in Thai coconut sauce, Dutch fillet of sole with sauce of mussel and mousse of Manhari chocolate and black currants. Fancy! There’s also a rice and beet salad as well as a “Big Apple” dessert that looks suspiciously like the alien Kang from The Simpson’s annual “Treehouse of Horrors” episode. See for yourself:

Europe LR002

Tapped_Out_KodosThe new menus will be available on KLM flights from 10/26/14 – 1/22/15, so book your flight soon before you’re out of luck.

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