New AAdvantage Bonuses, Healthy Snacks, and More

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I don’t know how to change the font to make this look like the Declaration of Independence, but let’s all just pretend I made the patriotic change in honor of Independence Day and we’re sitting here basking in the glow of patriotism. Ah, the Founding Fathers would be proud. Hope all you Americans are enjoying your long weekend and I hope all you international readers are enjoying the World Cup. I’ve been enjoying both, although I would have enjoyed everything just a little bit more had the Ticos overcome the Dutch yesterday. Anyway. It’s Sunday and that means recap time. Here are the stories that made Fly&Dine pledge allegiance to the flag this week:

Are These New Cabin Improvements Really Improvements?


Healthy Snacks to Take on Your Next Flight


This is a photo of a lobster roll.


New AAdvantage Bonuses for United and American Just for Eating


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