New AAdvantage Bonuses for United and American Just for Eating

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Have you signed up for the dining rewards programs through the various airlines? They’re a great way to earn miles without doing much of anything at all besides eating. Rewards Network operates the programs for both American and United and I was pleasantly surprised to get their emails today promising major mileage bonuses.

United is offering 5,000 miles for using your registered card ten times while American gives you 2,500 for five dines. So… basically the same thing. There are a few catches, though. First, you have to register for the offer and it appears to be targeted, but you can try clicking here anyway. Second, you have to spend $40 each time at one of their participating restaurants for it to count. I’ve got a ton of options here in LA and there’s a good chance you do, too. The program is pretty expensive and $40 isn’t too high a threshold in my opinion. If you’re having dinner for two, it shouldn’t be much of a problem — especially with a few cocktails.

The good news is, if you haven’t signed up for the American program yet, you can still get a free 2,000 miles for spending $30 one time and writing a brief review. All you have to do is sign up here. The United program offers something similar with 3,000 miles available (500 for signing up and another 500 for each time you dine, up to five times). Join here.

The dining rewards programs are among my favorite way to earn extra miles. Give ’em a shot.

(JUST FYI: I don’t earn anything from your sign ups, so rest easy knowing I get nothing out of this besides helping you get a few extra miles.)

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