Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory Photo Tour: Day 2

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Have you ever felt like you were walking in a postcard? That’s what yesterday felt like to me. The highlight of my day was a great hike up Salmon Huckleberry Mountain with the Nature Concierge at The Resort on Mt. Hood (soon to be a Best Western Premier Collection hotel). Lady Fly&Dine and I also had a great “Shared Serenity Massage” at the spa on the property and discovered the cutest little bakery in town as well as an unexpectedly awesome burger at a roadside BBQ joint called Skyway Bar & Grill. Here are the photos of the day:


Sky! Trees! Streams! “What is, ‘things we don’t get to see in Los Angeles,’ Alex?”


You can’t tell that I was huffing and puffing from the hike, but this view made it all worth it.


Aftermath of the coconut cream pie. I couldn’t wait to take a photo before I jumped into it, so you’re getting the post-shot.


This place was ADORABLE. Owned by a couple who has been together for 56 years, the bakery opened three years ago as their “retirement project.”


Tranquil. Quaint. Relaxing.


The sampler platter at Skyway Bar & Grill. The chef is a Texas transplant and loves to create a new surprise “Mr. E” (aka mystery) bbq sauce all the time to keep patrons guessing.


The “olaffub” wings at Skyway. Instead of buffalo sauce on the wings and blue cheese on the side, they give you blue cheese wings with buffalo sauce on the side!

We’ve got another fun day planned ahead, so stay tuned until tomorrow for the next installment of the #OMHT Photo Tour!

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