This is a photo of a lobster roll.

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Courtesy of Dockside at Playa Provisions in Playa del Rey, CA. Don’t ask me why they don’t have a website, but damn that lobster roll is good. Happy Almost 4th of July!


    • This is why I just post photos and don’t get into discussions about the food! Yes, of course the Eastern Seaboard has better lobster rolls, but I’m stuck here in LA and this is a great version. Actually, LA is in the midst of a bit of a lobster roll fetish with tons of restaurants offering their versions.

      If we’re talking Massachusetts, though, I’ll take James Hook’s wonderfully overstuffed version any day of the week.

  1. Just a couple questions:

    Why the burned bun? (although it is the correct one for a lobster roll)
    What are those little round yellow things?
    Jason — Massachusetts lobster?? Wrong “M” state. It’s Maine

    • Hey Mike, some answers for you:
      The burnt bun is the result of minor over-griddling, although there’s enough butter on the split-top roll that it worked well as just a little extra caramelized flavor. Those little round yellow things are pickled mustard seeds. Don’t sleep on Mass lobster. Maine may be best known for it, but those little buggers can be found all up and down the New England coastline and well into Canada. As for the cilantro, what can I say? It was served in California! Cilantro on everything is basically a state requirement here.

  2. I appreciate your response, since I really did want to understand how lobster rolls are done/possible in CA. I hope you’ll enjoy my recipe: start with a lobster from “away”; treat it like a Chicago dog with pickled mustard seed; add a “Mex-Tex” touch of Cilanto; butter, then burn (ok, caramelize) the bun. Enjoy!

    • Great recipe! Perhaps you can add a lunch cart to your framing business? I hear lobster rolls are gaining steam in Cincinnati.

      • As unlikely as it seems, it is possible to “import” lobster here in Cincinnati. Makes about a $50 lobster roll, so we tend to go for a cheese coney from Skyline or Gold Star instead.

        My favorites in Maine: Five Islands Lobster Company in Georgetown or the (much) more touristy Red’s Eats in Wiscasset — no toppings, just chunks of lobster on a roll.

  3. Belle Isle has moved across the bridge and is in a modern facility with plenty of seating now. Still great food too.

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