Save Big at Chili’s and Papa John’s Without Coupon Codes

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[This is a sponsored post.]

If you’re a big fan of Chili’s (I am) and Papa John’s (I am not), this is pretty great news. My favorite cash-back app DOSH just added both Chili’s and Papa John’s to their roster and that means you can save money every single time you eat at either place just for linking a credit card. The Papa John’s offer is for 5% cash back, and can be used for in-store, carryout, and delivery (online) purchases. The Chili’s offer is for 7% cash back of your total bill. All you need to do is sign up for Dosh, link a credit card (or three), and watch the cash get deposited back in your account. No discount coupon codes needed!

The reason I like Dosh over the other cash-back apps out there (besides the fact that they’re sponsoring this post) is that it’s so, so easy. The only work you need to do is downloading the app and registering a credit card, which takes about five minutes total. Once your cards are registered, Dosh puts your savings directly back into your account and then you choose if you want to transfer it to your bank account or to a charity. It really couldn’t be easier.

Dosh is especially good for business travelers because any card you link — even the ones that get paid off by corporate — can be used to put cash back in your account! That means your boss can pay for your dinner on the road and you can pocket the Dosh! It even works with hotels (which give much higher rates of cash back than restaurants.

So go grab yourself some Chicken Crispers from Chili’s or a pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s. Every time you eat at either one, you’re going to get free money back in your pocket for doing next to nothing.

Sign up using my referral link and then use your own referral link to get free cash for every person you refer. You like free cash, right? I know I do.

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