Shop. Paris. Step Inside This Women’s Shoe Boutique.

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What: Zoe Lee

Where: Paris, France

What makes it special

Zoe Lee is one of a kind shoe store. If you’re looking for something special but don’t care to have one of *those* designers or name brand shoes, you’ve found the right place. Each Zoe Lee shoe is designed in Paris but carefully crafted in Italy with hand-selected materials, textiles, and leathers. The shop itself is small, placed in the Marais – arguably Paris’ best shopping neighborhood located in the 4th arrondissement. Though they can be pricey, you’ll find each shoe to be unique, fun, and thoughtful. Can’t make it to Paris? No worries: you can pick up a pair of boots (or flats or anything else Zoe Lee sells) online. C’est merveilleux!

In your own words

“Zoe Lee is super unique. It’s a small boutique that has the most interesting boots and flats – all hand-painted and special in their own way. I’m always looking forward to buying something exciting when I’m traveling and I am just so happy I stumbled upon this hidden gem! Also, say hi to the salesperson named Lilly – She was the best!”

Submitted by: Georgia Roth. Favorite place on earth: Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food.

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