Would You Sit on a Bike Seat in Economy?

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It is absolutely ridiculous to write a question like “would you sit on a bike seat in economy,” but thanks to Airbus and a new patent application they filed in June, it’s something we’re now going to have to consider. The LA Times broke the story yesterday and if you thought the current lack of legroom in steerage was bad, just wait until you don’t even get a full seat.

In lieu of a real seat (with armrests and TVs in the seatback in front of you), you’re essentially getting a stool or, more bluntly, a bicycle seat. I mean, look at those drawings. Those belong on Schwinns. Tray tables? Nope. Room for your carry-on under the seat in front of you? Not possible when there’s literally no seat in front of you. On the Airbuses of the future, you get a small space to park your butt and pretty much nothing else.

Before we go crazy imagining our Airplane Stool Future (no, not that kind of stool…), consider this: for shorthaul flights, this isn’t so bad. Especially if it means the budget carriers can offer more price reductions. If you can cram more people on the plane, you can charge less for those seats (can and will are very different propositions, though). I don’t think I’d mind an hour on a stool if it means super affordable ticket prices.

So, fair readers, the question remains the same: would you sit on a bike seat in economy?

h/t LA Times


  1. No way, especially given that there are currently so many options for generating points. Those “stools” look very uncomfortable IMHO.

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