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Costco Sold How Many $5 Chickens Last Year?!?

In terms of brands that people love, Costco is definitely towards the top. From the cheap gas to the unbelievable deals on wine (Costco is the world’s biggest wine retailer) to the smorgasbord of free samples, Costco is a tribute to capitalism in every way. It’s the stuff that mid-60s Soviet leaders had nightmares about.…

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Farewell, Google Express: A Eulogy

Friends, we are gathered here today to lay to rest Google Express. My free trial is now over, which means it has — quite literally —  expired. While the service lives on in the hearts and homes of others, it has delivered its last box of Kleenex to me, which is ironic because I could…

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Major New Years Deals on Amazon

Yesterday, I told you about my plan to get healthier in 2015. Health isn’t just about weight loss, though. January is the perfect time to commit to making every aspect of your life healthier, from food to exercise to something as simple as keeping your home cleaner and more organized. As an Amazon affiliate, I’m…

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JetBlue Lowers True Blue Redemption Minimum

If you’re a regular JetBlue True Blue flyer, get ready to start dancing in the streets. I just got an email from JetBlue announcing that they’re lowering their redemption minimum for True Blue flights from 5,000 points all the way down to 3,500. That’s a 30% reduction! Taxes and fees are $5.60 each way and…

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Groupon Now Offers Reservations

Hey, your favorite (or most hated, whatever) daily deals site is now offering time-specific deals. You don’t even need to bring your little voucher with you. When you buy the Groupon — currently just for restaurants that take reservations, but soon for salons, gyms, etc. — you’ll now be able to choose the exact time…

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