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In-Room Dining Review: Ojai Valley Inn

In terms of ultimate luxuries in life, the list goes: Taking a bath in chocolate pudding Eating hot dogs at a cookout Ordering room service There’s just something about having a full meal delivered to your room, complete with a white tablecloth, silver domes (fun fact: they’re called cloches), and tiny bottles of condiments. It…

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SLS Las Vegas In-Room Dining Menus

As a follow-up to me earlier post about in-room dining at the new SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, I thought you might want to see the actual menus. Here they are (including the Lux Dining menu which wasn’t anywhere to be found during my stay): FYI: These are all subject to change without…

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Healthy Secrets for Ordering Room Service

Room service is one of life’s great pleasures. There’s something about it, though, that turns us into greedy monsters — especially if we’re on an expense account or somebody else is picking up the bill. Instead of a bowl of oatmeal or other sensible breakfast, I almost always order bagels with cream cheese and smoked…

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St. Lucia Trip Wrap-Up

Like a quick Caribbean rainstorm in August, my St. Lucia trip coverage has now come to an end. I know — I’m sad to see it go, too. If you missed anything, check out all of my stories from the trip below. Major thanks to the St. Lucia Tourist Board for sponsoring the trip and…

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Room Service Review: The Four Seasons Hong Kong

On the grand scale of things that I love, room service breakfast is nestled right between free premium channel preview weekends (“Why yes, Showtime, I WILL binge watch Californication this weekend. Thank you very much.”) and pictures of puppies sleeping upside down (they look like they’re sleep-flying!). That is to say, I LOVE me some…

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