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Current Iberia Menu October 2014

One of my biggest frustrations with the airline food game is that airlines seem so reluctant to share what they’re serving on flights. Restaurants all around the world happily display their full menu on their websites, but airlines act as if what they’re serving is a closely guarded secret. To counteract this foodie spy mode,…

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Madrid Trip Round-Up!

It’s with great sadness that I say goodbye to Madrid. I loved my time here and was so happy to help the NH Collection EuroBuilding Hotel celebrate their grand re-opening. If you haven’t kept up with my trip, relive it all today while I fly back on not one, but two airlines I’ve never flown…

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Fly&Dine Goes to Madrid!

Hola, amigos! I’ve been practicing my Spanish for the past week (I’d say I’m up to a 3rd or 4th grade level at this point) because I’m heading to Madrid! I can’t wait to check out the newly remodeled NH EuroBuilding Hotel — they’re the generous souls taking me to Spain — and I doubly…

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