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Fly&Dine’s Hotel Brunch Buffet Rules

You want to brunch, son? You want to buffet like a baller? Then drop the soup and listen to me. I’ve been hitting hotel brunch buffets since Justin Bieber was in short pants (he still is, though, right?). I know the secrets of the steam trays. I’m cool with the curiosities of carving stations. I’m…

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How Long Does It Take You To Pack?

I love traveling. If you’re reading Fly&Dine, a blog about eating while you travel, I have to assume that you love traveling, too. Either that, or you’re either my Mom or my Facebook friend (Hi Mom!). Traveling allows us to step outside of our daily lives and, ironically, actually live. That means forgetting about carpools…

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In-Flight Cocktail Hacks

Stuck in an in-flight cocktail rut? Tired of the same old gin & tonic/rum & Coke/vodka cranberry options from the beverage cart? Bon Appetit is here to help.  Restaurant and drinks editor Andrew Knowlton, aka The Foodist, has come up with three cocktail hacks to transform your next sky drink into a much happier occasion.…

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